Rufus & Bee & Bowling


Buzzz Card

This card costs N1,000 it’s only way to access over a 100 games!

How To Play

For our first timers, here’s a little break down on how it works

1. You need to purchase a Buzzz Card in order to access the games.⁠

This card costs N1000. ⁠

Each time you come to the arcade, you’re expected to bring this card with you. ⁠

2. You need to load your Buzzz card with value. We call this value ‘Chips’⁠

enlightened How do you know what amount to load ? ⁠

-Game play is priced in chips. This ranges from 3 chips per play to 17 chips , depending on the nature and duration of the game. ⁠

Majority of the games cost 7.5 chips per play. ⁠

You can load your card based on the number of games you want to play. ⁠

The chips on the card do not expire so get more just in case!⁠

3. Now that you have your BUZZZ card loaded with chips it’s time to have NON STOP FUN!